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Our work is focused on the region of Adaklu in the Volta region, one of the poorest districts within Ghana. It is located 30-40 min from Ho, the capital of Volta Region. The people in Adaklu district make their living mostly through agriculture.
We aim to give the children and the youth a perspective and the chance to deploy their interests and use their talents for their own sake.
Through community events we want to teach the local villagers simple methods to make life easier, to prevent illnesses and create awareness about the importance of education.
It is our wish not just to fight symptoms, but to empower the local community on how to help themselves. We want to make a sustainable, long-term impact. We intend on working in the same community over a longer time and empowering them to self-efficacy.


We want to add up to quality of Education and to bring alternative ways to impact knowledge to the future leader. We want to use the support of volunteers from all over the world to assist teachers with new ideas and how to handle challenges they face. We also want the kids to be exposed to different styles of learning and gain confidence as they grow up academically. “ Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.


Referring to Goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals of UN, which wants to promote well-being for all at all ages, we see this as a crucial need in Ghana. Especially in rural areas, the knowledge about health topics is very poor. Our goal is to educate the people about the main health challenges they face such as Menstrual Cycle Projects, Malaria, Deworming etc.

Community development and economic empowerment

We are very passionate about building the capacity of the people to acquire skills especially youth in the deprived communities to have travelable skill such as beads making, design cloth making, among other that we are yet to begin in other villages.

Tourism management

We also manage tourists and others who have less time but want to do voluntourism for a cultural experience and do some work while seeing the nicest parts of Ghana and a whole tropical encounter and advisory for tourism and tourism management – we are able to inform you where you need to see in Ghana for based on the time you have here and with what you would love to see for example nature, animals, mountains, waterfall, history and many others.