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Reflections from our two volunteers Wonder and Livingstone who helped us painting a School in Waya

Reflections from our two volunteers Wonder and Livingstone who helped us painting a School in Waya


You can make a change, I can make a change and many can make a change.
It was so amazing yesterday at Adaklu Waya in the Volta Region of Ghana. I engaged in volunteering to paint the World map on a school painting project initiated by Needbe Foundation, an NGO led by, Samuel Dzomeku. His engagement in community development encourages me to at least give my time also to the development of my communities.

This is my community and so after completing my Senior High School, it’s best to support projects such as theirs while I keep scouting for future endeavours. I know it would be very difficult for a community to gain perfect community needs but I would like to charge every young person to pay attention to equally important issues around where they are and make a positive impact.
I think Success simply means depending on what I do and the effort I put in place to achieve goals and objectives. It gives me joy to volunteer because it helps me learn new things.

Thus the painting project gave me a new skill I can explore in other fields since I am a traditional cloth weaver too.


What is the definition of success?

Is it when we accumulate all the wealth/money in the world to ourselves?
Is it when we get all the degrees in the world?
Is it when we travel across the globe or visit historic places?
These were some of the thoughts that were running through my mind this morning as I reflected on my engagement with other volunteers to paint the World Map on a school painting project led by the NeedBe Foundation at Adaklu Waya in the Volta Region, Ghana.

The Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus defined success as; “an event that accomplishes its intended purpose”. It stands to mean that, the definition of success is relative depending on what one does, and how the intended objectives or goals meet with the evaluation/appraisal of the event.

All the above mentioned; wealth, education, exposure through travelling among others, are all good and necessary. However, when you gain all these and the people around you suffer for lack of basic needs, then please begin to pay attention to the equally important issues you are ignoring. You can help someone in your small way to be better in life. I know it will be difficult to have a ‘utopic environment’ where everything seems to be perfect, but we can all work towards getting there. Lend a hand, be a change maker, and try to solve a problem in your community.


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