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Pads Sewing Day -London

Pads Sewing Day -London

Pads Sewing Day is an idea we brought up to gather people who are passionate about menstrual poverty with regards to menstrual health so we can together sew cloth sanitary pads that are reusable for girls in some of the most underserved rural areas in Ghana on some days in a month hopefully. The aim is to see if we can organise them in various locations in the world even though we are trying to build a factory that will see the production of at least 10000 cloth pads a year in Ghana.

This year we held the first one in London where we had cloth pads expect co-hosting with us to create patterns that will be the patterns we will be branding at the Needbe Centre for Women’s Dignity and Development – a facility that will serve the educational needs of girls and women on sexual and menstrual health and training peer and vopadlunteer educators for this cause.

We had just three people attend but we were glad to have come out on that day with a great pattern and what type of fabrics and materials we will be using that will be cost-effective and great for the girls. The biggest goal for this project is for every girl we can reach with menstrual health education, to at least be able to have a set of cloth sanitary pads and not miss school when they are menstruating.

We started sensitising and educating school girls in July 2018 about Menstrual Hygiene Management and now we want to provide the materials they need to absorb the blood basically and feel confident. parents cannot in some cases get or provide the materials their girl children need because of the impoverished circumstances we find in the rural areas and this is mostly associated with developing countries like Ghana.

We have started to raise funds for the centre we want to build and hope to start in October this year.

To partner with us, send us an email: [email protected] or log on to our media pages as well; Needbe Foundation.

To Donate to the project, use this link Рhttp://bit.ly/2QwT4ut  thank you.

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